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About Sparkframe

Sparkframe is the logical way for architecture / engineering / construction design teams to communicate using building information models. The Sparkframe Revit Add-In for Autodesk Revit 2013 and 2014 empowers users to discuss, manage tasks, record screenshots, and make markups on Revit elements. This cloud-powered, BIM-based collaboration ensures project team coordination that retains a consistent, reliable relationship with a shared digital model.

Can your email do that?

Because Sparkframe is a cloud service, your project team can continue conversations in real-time and manage BIM element-specific tasks day or night from any web-connected device, such as mobile phones and tablet computers. No Revit installation is needed, so anyone can read and add to a conversation.

With Sparkframe, your project team will more efficiently communicate and track design coordination with your Revit models.

Add a spark to your BIM conversations.

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